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if dreams do come true, when will mine?

I use this as most journals are used, to record my life in moments. This may consist of much ranting and obsessing… its how I make it through the rough patches.
and I am sure many think, “what does she have to complain about?” and in a way I am sure that is true as I sit here in my room in my parents house, typing on my computer that is obviously connected to the internet, watching television either on satellite or dvd.
That is when I am not at school or at work so that I can pay for my classes and my car that was made in 2004. sure when you look at it like that it seems I have no right to even rant about
well this is a warning I will rant about whatever I want to, and occasionally I may obsess over certain things also I will do this but do not be afraid because it may soon pass.
carry on and read at your own risk
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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Spoken by Aristotle. You would do well to think on those words.

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